Who are we ?


a. It is an open fellowship

b. It is a biblical fellowship

c. It is an evangelical fellowship

d. It is a charismatic fellowship

e. It has apostolic covering

  • It is committed to realityAn Open FellowshipOpen to the direction of the word and Spirit
  • Aware of being part of the wider body of Christ
  • Committed to equipping the Saints
  • Aware that our dependency is on God
  • Aware that Church has changed, Church is changing and Church will change
  • Living non-religious Christianity

b. A Biblical Fellowship

  • Valuing the word and Spirit
  • Valuing the reality of God in the authority of the scriptures and the study of the scriptures
  • Called to a prayerful life and the practice of the presence of God
  • Enjoying the celebration of the breaking of bread
  • An Evangelical FellowshipIt is recognized that Newport Christian Fellowship exists because of God’s great love for those outside of his Kingdom and his call to reach those who do not know Jesus
  • To see Jesus lifted higher, recognizing that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself
  • To be "right with God" you need to be born again
  • Newport Christian Fellowship is committed to mission
  • That evangelism should be grace based and Spirit drivenA Charismatic Fellowship
  • Called to live open to the Spirit
  • Valuing the traditions we inherit and a calling to be a people inspired by the breath of God
  • Committed to a daily walk in the Spirit, using the Spirit’s giftings to engage in renewal and revival, healing intercession and spiritual warfare.An Apostolic Covering
  • Newport Christian Fellowship is a V.I.A. related church and accepts their covering role in apostolic leadership.
  • The need to see the "Five-fold ministries" ( Eph. 4:11,12) operating within the life of

the Fellowship is recognized.

Committed to RealityGod calls us to intimacy

Newport Christian Fellowship is called to be a church that so exhibits God that people find his presence awesome and irresistible

Jesus demonstrated God’s compassion toward the poor and those in need; Newport Christian Fellowship is called to do the same.

Newport Christian Fellowship is called to be committed to do what God is doing, recognizing that this has a number of ways in being worked out.

The call to have good relationships with other churches, organizations and individuals is acknowledged.



A major avenue of collaboration with the other local churches is through Churches

Together in Newport. Every local church is represented on this body and through it there is a discernible growing together and involvement in outreach.

Cooperation and support also exists between Springfield Christian Fellowship, in nearby Telford, and Barnabas Fellowship in Shrewsbury. In the wider perspective there is involvement with other Pioneer Churches in encouraging and supporting their activities.

Throughout the life of Newport Christian Fellowship support has been given to two Missionaries who, through Operation Mobilisation, have served in Egypt, Czech Republic and Pakistan.


Newport Christian Fellowship is a registered charity the objects of which are stated in section 4 of the Trust Document: -

To advance the Christian faith in accordance with the statement of beliefs in the

environs of Newport, Shropshire and also in the United Kingdom and abroad.

To relieve persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress or who are

aged or sick.

The advancement of education on Christian principles.


Newport Christian Fellowship holds to those basic beliefs put forward by the Evangelical Alliance. We do not have a "membership", but our defining principles are as follows: -

God is for us, not mad at us.

He has forgiven us; received us as part of his Body; he is changing us to make us

more like him, and helping us to realize this.

We really want to obey Jesus; to mirror his passion for us in our lives and our dealings with others.

The Fellowship exists to build the Kingdom. It belongs solely to God. We do not

exist to make ourselves comfortable or to continue what we have always done.

Life in the Spirit calls for a devotion to bible reading and prayer. This should be a

priority in our lives both individually and collectively.

We are called to love one another - as we are, not as we would like each other to be.

God uses the most unlikely people - even us!

We look to serve God and to support one another by being involved in the life of the fellowship. It is hoped that people would want to express this love and service in the following disciplines: -

Be consistent in attending our Sunday morning celebration.

Be committed and involved in a House Cell, its leader and others in it.

Be involved in a particular area of the Fellowship’s ministry, i.e. worship, childrens’ work etc.

We believe that the normal Christian life involves a compassion for the lost and for

the poor and underprivileged. This has to be a central part of our focus as church.

We must be open to the Holy Spirit, who is able, willing and free to break in and carry on his work in whatever way he chooses. In this we do not seek to manufacture the Holy Spirit’s working, but to keep in step with his genuine work.

We seek to live lives that are consistent with biblical values and to convince others of these values. Holiness and righteousness are part of being "in Christ".

We are aware that true worship accomplishes something that no other feature of human existence can. Central to our worship is the desire to praise God, rather than sing about him, this is seeking intimacy with God. An important part of this is the sharing of communion together.