Newport, Shropshire is a market town of about 10,000 inhabitants. It is situated 10 miles north of Telford and 18 miles east of Shrewsbury

In June 1989 a group evangelical Christians began to meet for prayer and worship. They met to seek God’s way forward to express their evangelical calling. From these first meetings Newport Christian Fellowship came into being.

The need for external oversight for the team Leadership was recognized and initially satisfied by local arrangement. As the church grew numerically a link with Ichthus Christian Fellowship was established in 1993. Because of distance the relationship was unable to develop and in 1996 exploratory talks began with Pioneer. In 1998 Newport Christian Fellowship became a Pioneer-linked Church and accepted their role in covering the Fellowship. More recently Pioneer has decentralized and we are currently linked to the Midland region of Pioneer which carries the title V.I.A. (Vision in Action)

There has been some fluctuation in numbers over the years and adult membership currently stands at just over forty with about the same number of youth and children.

Newport Christian Fellowship is actively engaged in Churches Together in Newport.

The networking of V.I.A. Churches has facilitated a wider association with other churches but our relationships are by no means limited to V.I.A. Churches.